HITCO has been licensed to import, export and distribute lubricants. HITCO is therefore committed to meeting all your lubricant needs by providing high quality lubricants and technical support you might require. We have a wide range of oil lubricants to cater to the rapidly growing demand in the African market. Our lubricant products are tested and meet industry standards and the requirements of major vehicle manufacturers. These market-leading products are readily available through our petrol station network and distributors, and can also be supplied directly to our customers. The HITCO’s range of oil lubricants offers you a chance to safeguard your equipment wear and tear using a mix of high performance oils and systems.

Our products are suitable for use in a different industries including agriculture, quarrying, construction, manufacturing, commercial transport, passenger transport, etc. Our expansive range of oil lubricants includes motor and industrial lubricants. We are also fully equipped to meet the changing needs of our valued clientele. By offering automotive and industrial grades blended with high quality base oils, we can handle all your needs and give you the best experience. Our team of professional lubricant experts has the capability to provide value that exceeds your expectations. We apply cutting-edge technologies and are continuously working to innovate and improve the quality of our lubricant standards. We are constantly developing new products to keep up with the ever changing demands of modern industry our products guarantee high quality along with the reduced cost and consistent performance.

Our range of products provides you with an opportunity to protect your valuable equipment using a unique blend of high performance-based oils and advanced additive systems. Our products are suitable for use in a wide variety of industries including transport, construction, quarrying, cement and manufacturing, among others. The product family has both multi-grade and mono-grade products. The Diesel and Petrol engine oils recently came with new naming’s, labeling and packs by taking in to account the customers’ valuable comments and suggestions, and also pursuant to its commitment to satisfy and exceed their needs.

The new packs have been developed by well-known international designers with long years of experience in the Oil Industry. These newly molded packs incorporate the following features:

  • Packs are made from quality plastic compositions; thus they are:
  • Easy for gripping, handling and storing,
  • Resistant to sun light, rain and dusty conditions,
  • Lids are sealed with aluminum foil that can protect oil spill,
  • Numbers displayed after the letters DM and XL indicate the performance level of each lubricant grade within the Accel and Deo MAX families,
  • Each lubricant grade pack has consistent shape and color for use across the African continent,
  • Packs have quality labels with ample information about the product applications, specifications and performance levels.
  • They are also specially made to stand any impact coming from exposure to sun light, rain and dusty conditions.
  • In addition, strong and stable cartons are produced for handling, loading and storing products