A difference in global supply and demand of various commodities creates a market that can be easily exploited. Commodity trading can provide feasible solutions through buying where there is excess supply and selling where there is demand. This requires accurate market information for the business to succeed. As part of its diversification strategy, HITCO takes advantage of these global fluctuations in demand and supply to provide various commodities that are required in the global market.


HITCO also deals with the large scale import, export and supply of groceries e.g. maize, beans, rice and sugar and cleaning products.


HITCO also deals with Meat Packaging. We already have butcheries in Canada, USA and in Zambia. HITCO has been importing meat carcasses of camels, goats and ram from Australia to both Canada and USA since 1996, and supplying to same to big retail chains such as supermarkets.
In Kenya, HITCO has been involved in the importation of Camel meat from the North Eastern Region of the country to Zambia. This has been received well as it has provided diversification in meat supply sources.